Testimonials from Graduates and Students

Over 18,000 yeshiva and seminary graduates have gained an accredited college degree through TAL since 2004. Here are what some of them have to say about what TAL did for them.

david-ab I learned in kollel for over 10 years and worked in chinuch for years after that. By the time I decided to pursue a career in accounting, I was already in my mid-40s and had no desire to start from zero in college. TAL’s program with Excelsior College allowed me to put together my undergraduate degree with minimal expense. I just needed to complete a few courses online, which only took a month. I was then able to enter and complete a masters degree in accounting at FDU. That allowed me to move my career forward at the mid-size company where I work in management.

While I would rather be in the beis medrash full time, many of us find it necessary to work for parnassah. TAL allows a Ben Torah to get a degree with minimal need to leave the beis medrash and its environment, and then go on to a masters program. A strong commitment to maintaining your identity as a Ben Torah in today’s business world starts with this type of degree program.
David Azer, Passaic, NJ

shloimyI think it’s amazing that I was able to sit and learn in yeshiva and get my degree at the same time, without needing to go to college. After yeshiva I plan to go to kollel. I’m not sure what I will do in my future, but I feel much less worried knowing I already have a degree. Shloimy Plotzker, Yeshivas Toras Moshe, Jerusalem

dovidGetting my degree through TAL while studying in Yeshiva was smooth and easy. I chose TAL because it gives me the option to go straight into a Master’s Degree program when I’m ready. I’m planning on going to Law School. I recommend TAL because it works.
Dovid Bogopulsky, Yeshiva Student, Jerusalem

hp quoteTAL’s credits helped me get a BS in Business, which allowed me to become a CPA. I’m now employed as Assistant Comptroller at HASC Center. I thank TAL for the fact that I was able to get a better job, a higher salary and take the CPA exams.
Shimon Sheinfil, Brooklyn, NY

yoniI found the TAL program challenging yet enjoyable. Meanwhile, I’m continuing my rabbinic studies and feel confident about my future opportunities.
Yoni Ash, Yungerman, Yerushalayim

Shapiro_DavidI received my undergraduate degree  through the credits I received through TAL. After learning in Beis Medrash and Kollel for a number of years, I was able to use my degree to apply to law school. I attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School and while there also received a Certificate in Business from the Wharton School and have spent the last 4 years practicing law at a number of prominent firms in New York.
Dovid Shapiro, Lakewood, NJ

Pages from דומיין שווקיTAL gave me a fast and efficient way to get my degree while working full time. I used credits I earned in High School and Seminary and then finally TAL credits to get my Bachelor’s and I’ve been employed as a teacher for the past two years. I’m now working on my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counselling.
Elisheva Sack, Boston, MA

Pages from דומיין שווקיI learned in yeshiva and kollel until I was 25. I then used all of my learning to get a degree through TAL. I am now in Fordham Law School and am on the way to a serious job as a lawyer. Without TAL I would never have been able to learn as long as I did and then enter a serious parnosoh program.
Daniel C, Monsey, NY

Pages from דומיין שווקיTAL exams are straightforward and clear, and you can take them when you are available. You get a lot of credits for just one TAL exam. TAL helped me towards a degree in Speech Pathology. I recommend TAL because it allows you to get into a Master’s Program that’s of a good standard.
Rebecca Goldner, Milwaukee, WI

Pages from דומיין שווקיI learned for many years and after being in kollel I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. I used my Torah learning to get a BA through TAL. I took pre-med courses and was admitted to Einstein and NYU Medical Schools. I began medical school at age 27 and am now a practicing physician at Cleveland Medical Center.
Shmuel F., Cleveland, OH

Pages from דומיין שווקיI learned in yeshiva for four years. I got my BA through TAL and then attended University of Pennsylvania Graduate School in the area of computer design. There is a special program for humanities graduates and my BA was totally accepted. I have an excellent job and am able to continue learning and support my family.
Avrohom F., Los Angeles, CA

Pages from דומיין שווקיI used my yeshiva learning to get a BA through TAL. I was admitted to Columbia Law School and after practicing law for a few years, I entered the business world.
Yitzchok H., Lawrence, NY

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