Frequently Asked Questions About TAL

There are all kinds of college credit programs available but not all are equal. Any student who is serious about getting a degree that will be recognized and accepted by mainstream academic institutions and employers, should be careful to only choose a college credits program that is regionally accredited. TAL’s credits are recommended by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) of the New York Board of Regents and accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.
Of our 8,740+ graduates, only a minority have had any direct contact with TAL – and that’s why you may not have heard of us until now. If you’ve earned Torah-based college credits through a yeshiva, seminary or other degree program, such as TTI, there’s a good chance you’ve done TAL exams. Just like you can buy the same brand-name shoes from lots of different stores, you can get TAL college credits through lots of Jewish institutions. Yet, unlike shoes, college credits aren’t branded with a logo, so many people don’t know about TAL.
Most of TAL students do our program via another institution. Around the world, this is Exclusively TTI. In Israel, it’s usually their yeshiva, seminary, or another Torah college credits program. In Israel students come directly to TAL. We now offer full advisement for students looking to get an accredited degree directly through TAL in Israel. Our goal is to help you find the right program for you, either through one of our partners or directly through TAL. For advice on the right option for you, please contact us.
Choosing a degree program is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your adult life. No one in the Torah world should make this decision without an understanding of the pluses and minuses of various options. If a program is partnering with TAL, you can trust that they can give you a premium accredited Torah degree. TAL is the gold standard that you should consider when making your decision.
We don’t use that word lightly. There are five main factors that set TAL apart from other college credit options:
Experience – With close to 9,000 graduates, we know how to create successful programs for every kind of student.
Credit Approval – Our standing with the National College Credit Recommendation Service is impeccable
Recognition – Our college credits are accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities in North America
Success – Our graduates have proven the success of TAL by going on to Master’s programs in the top universities of their choice, and enjoying successful careers
Excellence – When it comes to Torah values and academic standards, TAL always maintains the highest level
There is no set length for the program. Some students complete it within 3 months, others take two years. The average is 9-12 months. The pace is determined by each individual student – there are no set semesters, nor deadlines.
Yes, you can get up to 30 credits in exchange for your yeshiva/seminary learning. It depends on your academic background.
It may be possible to get government grants. We can evaluate your case. Please contact us

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