About TAL – The Torah World’s Leading College Credits Program

TAL started in 2004 with a dozen American yeshiva bochurim studying in a Jerusalem Yeshiva.

A group of their Rabbis and teachers decided to find a way to help these young men get real accredited college degrees simply by using the Torah knowledge they were acquiring every day in the Bais Medrash. At the time, there was no way to do this but they were determined to find a solution.

With the guidance and blessing of great Rabbanim, they launched TAL (an acronym for Torah Accreditation Liaison). TAL allows its students to convert Torah knowledge into college credits and to apply them towards fully accredited college degrees.

TAL’s credits are recommended by the National College Credit Recommendation Service  (National CCRS) of the New York Board of Regents and accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. 

The Rapid Rise of a Great Idea

The first TAL students were 14 bochurim.

However, this idea was much bigger than a few dozen boys in a Jerusalem yeshiva. Every year thousands of yeshiva and seminary graduates worldwide, despite having devoted years to Torah study, were being given the same “uneducated” label.

The demand for TAL’s program was huge and untapped. Other yeshivas and seminaries asked TAL to offer its program to their students.

TAL partnered with TTI, which has become known as the primary distributors of TAL exams around the world. Ten years on, there are over 50 Jewish learning institutions offering TAL college credits in Israel, the US and worldwide. Students graduate with accredited degrees in as little as six months.

TAL has sparked a revolution in higher education in the Torah world.


Close to 950 students are expected to earn premium college degrees through TAL’s programs in 2015


Ten years on, TAL remains the acknowledged leader the field in terms of student numbers, graduation rates and academic standards. TAL has an impeccable record with the CCRS, providing peace of mind to our students, who know that their degrees will be fully accredited.

TAL has come a long way since those 14 original bochrim, but as a non-profit organization endorsed by the greatest rabbis of our generation, it has remained true to its mission:

We allow Jewish students to convert their Torah knowledge into fully accredited college degrees, thus helping them achieve their career and parnassa goals with dignity.


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